The Past 2014 and the New 2015

This is a long time since my last post. I did not discipline myself enough to write often. Anyway, the 2014 was past. This 2015, I promise myself to be more serious.

One of my instructor said “The young guy always looks to the future, while the old guy is looking at the past”. Neither I am old nor young, I feel, this year’s beginning is a chance to look back and forth and she said.


In last year, there are many things happened. Breaking them down by month seems to be the best way to organize, but I can not remember much details. So, I am writing them freely as I could recall.


The biggest thing is that I made another shift: to move from mobile team to the web team at Taskworld. It is almost 2 years that I left web development. There are so many things to catch up. When I first asked to join the new team, I really feel that I will be the one who slow the team down, as other members are the web guys. We decided to make a transition from the old-fashion .NET to Node.js with new technology stack. Not only the time I left from web that makes me worry, but also the new stack that will be used. Not a javascript lover I am, I was not cofident that I can contribute to the team as much as others.

However, the thing that drove me to make a shift is the feeling that if I did not do it, the company would fail. If I did not join, the new team would not be built. Without the new team, we will not be able to competed with others. The first month is pretty hard that I have to learn new stack, and begin to work so quick. The night time is for assignments. Anyway, this is not comparable to the last month of the year that I have to sleep late everydays. Sometime I feel that I push myself too hard, but whenever I think that I have to code for the team, I just can not stop coding.

After the transition, the company asked lot of members to leave as they lack of the things that are necessary to make the company move forward. I invoked with this process. It was a very hard time to assess people and ask them to go. In order to be fair to them, I have to work hard as much as I can to ensure that the team can step to the brighter future. The November and December were so hard for me, good luck that I can endured them and surpassed.

Side project

Bucketlistly is the only side project of the year. We are currently developing the Android version. The bad thing is I pushed less effort on this platform and let’s my friend do lot of jobs. I feel so guilty to him that I can not be much help. It is hard for me to do Android now as my head is filled with iOS and Node.js stuffs. I wish the project could be finished soon. I will give more effort, I promise.

At the end of the year, we got another call from one of the bank in Thailand. However, I am still not sure if we could take this project or not. I myself feel like I want to contribute my 2015 for Taskworld.

Stock trading

I did not perform very well on trading. Anyway, I did learned many lessons.

The above image is that statistic of my trading. KC is the top-gain stock of mine. Talking about KC, the history is very interesting.

Before I bought KC stock, I heard that one of my colleague just made a good income from it. Very soon enough I pinned KC in my favourite list, it was 1.8 baht per volumn, if I could not remember wrong. After waiting for a while (within the next day), the price went up to 1.89 then dropped to 1.86 and kept on its sideway. At that time, I decided to buy the first lot at 1.86. Unluckily, the price was slowly droped for 2-3 steps. As a lacked-of-experience trader, I bought two or three more lots in order to decrease the average price until I got it at 1.74. Nightmare it was, the price then kept dropping again and again… I made up my mind… the price got down to 1.4x. It was unacceptable for me to cut loss at that time. The price went down to the min 1.27. My decision was to withstand, with the belief that the price will rise again someday. I did a good job that I can stand until the price went up to 2.x, and I did make a good profit. However, the thing I learned from KC is that I should cutloss fast, and if I could not do and decided to withstand, then I have to try buying them again at the low price.

I got some profit from small stocks. Thank to the colleague at the work that help pointing them out at the right time. Mill-w2 is the best one, I did trade most at the right time. EE is also good, but I made a same mistake that I didn’t cut-loss again when I bought it on the year end

At the end of the year, my portfolio was not in a good shape. All of the stock I have been holding are the small ones. They dropped drastically at the third week of December according to the dropping of SET index. This time, I learned to trade with set50 derivative. I still on the beginning and hope to make more profit from them.


With the year containing my favourite number ‘15’, I hope that this will be a better year of mine, and I will try my best to make it.

Unluckily that I lost the post I made at the begining of 2014 that I can not compare the goal I aimed for in last year. For this year, I also want to write down the thing I want to achieve.

  • Do more and more exercise. Take a better care of health : I worked hard last year, stay working until a very late at night. This is not good for health. I also have less time for exercise. Thus, in this year, I want to use the time more efficient so that I can sleep earlier and have more time for exercise.

  • Read more books : I think this is the goal I write every years but rarely achieve. Tough, it is still good to jot down. The aim for this year is to read more books that are not a programming related. Let’s wish for 5-6 books.

  • Code more : Not satisfy with myself as always, coding more and more is necessary. I have to do more code kata.

  • Learn at least 3 new programming languages : Now on the list are Elixir, Go and Rust. Also I want to try on of the web framework of each. Meteor.js is anothe framework that catches the interest.

  • Elixir as another main language : After looking at it, I feel that Elixir is another version of Ruby. It makes me feel ease to read and learn. Also, its web frameworks look fine. Thus, I decided that I will put most of my effort with Elixir.

  • Play less game : Let’s say that I should not spend the time with game for more than 10 hours a week. For additional hours, I have to ride a bicycle in the same amout of time. Let’s be strict with the time and measure how much I can make.

  • Use rescue-time seriously : In order to achieve most of the goal, tracking the time usage should be taken as a first class task.

  • Write at least1 blog every 2 weeks : Try writing more if possible.

  • Eat less : Reduce the amount of carbonated drink. 1 can per 2 days. Eat less fat and snack.

  • Do more bike : At least 2 morning and 3 night ride a week. Aim for 2k kilometers ride a year.

  • Get 10% up on stock profit : 10% sounds small compared to what my comrades get. However, this should be a reasonable goal for me this year.

  • Take my mom to foreign country, expected to be Europe – Switzerland : She said she wants to go, I want to make her dream comes true.